I work and live in Birmingham, UK, with my husband and my dog. I have been painting in my spare time for many years. In this collection of pictures I show some of my more recent work.

My still life paintings mainly focus on interesting shapes and iconic designs of antique objects. I love painting the organic ripples, shapes and movement of material that feature in my work. These paintings evoke elements of nostalgia ; vintage  but not from a specific time.

The second 2 pages are my most up to date paintings during lockdowns in 2020, In the garden 1 - 4  and in the home still life paintings 1-4 .

I like working with acrylic paints, they dry fast and you can be bold knowing you can paint over anything you're unhappy with. I like  rich  bright colours and once I've started a painting I can work quickly and get in the flow.


I painted the image above for Bournville Clarinet Choir of which I am a member. we perform great music and I enjoy playing a part!